Welcome to my experience of developing a mobile app for arts related events at SUNY Purchase College. This site includes: Tips, tricks, sources, examples and ways contemporary technology can be used to relate to, and promote the arts. I am also using it as an alternative place for Purchase students to get the word out about their arts events. For other students, app developers, and art enthusiasts! Enjoy!



Say hello to PArts. It’s still an infant. Don’t hate.

The following are images of PArts, taken from the appmakr website. There are more features being added that are not included in the photos. Enjoy!

Click on PArts and see the: Splash! Screen

Home Screen:All events at Purchase College

Message Board: Where students can communicate with one another via message. For example, if a student from the music conservatory is looking for a dancer to dance at his junior recital they can post here.

More: Arts events at Purchase by category. The user can click each one in order to see the events taking place. 

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