Welcome to my experience of developing a mobile app for arts related events at SUNY Purchase College. This site includes: Tips, tricks, sources, examples and ways contemporary technology can be used to relate to, and promote the arts. I am also using it as an alternative place for Purchase students to get the word out about their arts events. For other students, app developers, and art enthusiasts! Enjoy!


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Nielsen Music App Survey

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*Trying to make sure the PArts app embodies all of these qualities. Wouldn’t that be nice…

Information is owned by Nielsen Music. Presentation entitled: The hyper-fragmented world of music: Marketing consideration and revenue maximization


PArts, for PurchaseArts


Say hello to PArts. It’s still an infant. Don’t hate.

The following are images of PArts, taken from the appmakr website. There are more features being added that are not included in the photos. Enjoy!

Click on PArts and see the: Splash! Screen

Home Screen:All events at Purchase College

Message Board: Where students can communicate with one another via message. For example, if a student from the music conservatory is looking for a dancer to dance at his junior recital they can post here.

More: Arts events at Purchase by category. The user can click each one in order to see the events taking place. 

First Wednesdays at the Neu: Starts in half an hour!

4 pm



Ongoing: Student docents give gallery talks about the human figure in African art
Ongoing: Create a sculptural portrait of your inner self
4-5 pm: View a screening of Black Girl
by Senegalese filmmaker Ousmane SembeneEXPERIENCE ART
5:15 pm: Professor Genevieve Hyacinthe gives
a multi-media talk and demo on African dance and the bodyNEW MEDIA LECTURE SERIES
6:30 pm: Daniel Shiffman: The Nature of Code
co-sponsored by the Neuberger Museum of Art and the Purchase College New Media Board of Study 




First Wednesdays at the Neu is designed BY students, FOR students.

For more details, go to www.neuberger.org.

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First Wednesdays at the Neu is partially funded by a Purchase College Affiliates Grant.  

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See you at school in a couple of weeks!

Starts this weekend! 


See you at school in a couple of weeks!

Starts this weekend! 

INTERVIEW: Music Potential In Mobile Apps

I can not stress enough, the relevance of technology to this current population, both nationally and internationally. Wether we want to or not, the majority of this generation in the US is forced to look at some kind of screen every day. The most common types of screens are computers, mobile phones and televisions. This covers work, home, to and from work and vacations etc. That being said, arts businesses both profit and non-profit need not have a further explanation as to why an organization (or the artist themselves) should consider a way to make them selves available on each one of these technological platforms. 

I put this interview up because it is the perfect example of why apps are a important way to help drive profit to the different arts industries. Keeping up with the most contemporary technology available is the salt and pepper (if you will) of a truly established business. Having a mobile app proves to all available markets, that your business is complete, technologically apt and relevant. A mobile app is also an invaluable marketing tool. To be able to directly market and potentially profit from a device that most people have on them at all times is a chance unlike any other that all art related businesses should strongly consider. The possibilities of apps are infinite, it all depends on what your arts organization chooses to use the technology for.  

Friday! Purchase Opera Presents: Humperdink’s Hansel and Gretel

Purchase Opera Humperdink’s Hansel and Gretel

Purchase Opera Humperdink’s Hansel and Gretel

Friday, Dec 9, 2011
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

A SUNY Purchase tradition! Engelbert Humperdinck’s major contribution to the opera repertoire explores themes of loss, deceit, and the power of familial love, all amidst a lush and magical soundscape. 


What if you could snap a photo by snapping your fingers?

This design concept by Yeon Su Kim would let your fingers act like a remote shutter by Bluetooth connecting to your smartphone.

Air Clicker — Your Fingers as a Remote Shutter

via Petapixel